Meet Carol

Carol O'Brien is a dedicated Constitutional Conservative. As a prosecutor with over 30 years of experience, O’Brien has successfully prosecuted murders, drug traffickers and fought organized crime as the Chief Counsel of the Ohio Organized Crime Commission.

At the same time, she’s also kept our communities safe. As a prosecutor, she’s fought against government and public corruption, bringing those who have abused their power to justice. O’Brien has kept us safe from domestic threats to our families, our friends, and to our community as a whole.

It is the first priority for the federal government to protect the lives and well-being of the American citizens. This includes strengthening our national security, our economy, and preserving our ability to live out the American dream without the interference of the government, or those wishing to do us harm.

A Prosperous USA is within our grasp

A mother of 3 boys, with one son and a stepson serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, O’Brien also understands the need to keep us safe from foreign threats. Our military, once the unquestioned power house across the world, has been drastically underfunded, undertrained, and unprepared to face the new threats we are realizing from across the globe.

In the face of the threats posed to our nation, our communities, and our economic viability, our ability to realize the American Dream is imperiled, but it is not lost. A safe, and prosperous United States is within our grasp, and Carol O’Brien is prepared to work on behalf of the people of central Ohio to achieve just that.

From lessons learned throughout her childhood, Carol O’Brien grew up living life the Ohio way: if you want something in this world, you have to work for it.

living life the Ohio way

Her parents instilled these values in her and her five siblings from an early age. As her father worked his way up through the ranks of the Toledo Rec Center – then home to the Toledo Mud Hens minor league baseball team. So too, did her mother. From starting a ‘ticket-taker’, her mother worked hard over the years, and eventually became the Mud Hen’s Business Manager. Like her parents, Carol began working as a high school student selling programs at the games, and would later work concessions for the Mud Hens and various other sporting events at the venue.

In their family’s household, the standard rule was simple - you had to earn your keep to get the material things you wanted, whether that was clothes for junior high school, or a car when they came to age. Their collective work ethic paid off – everyone pitched in, everyone helped out. Rising to the occasion with hard work and dedication taught Carol valuable lessons in life, just as it brought their family closer, and a lack of wanting.

a reputation for getting results

Upon graduation, Carol entered Northwestern University, went on to excel in her studies, and was accepted to the University of Toledo School of Law. After earning her law degree, Carol worked hard to build upon her career, and to make an impact wherever she saw the opportunity to do so.

O’Brien’s legal career has taken her to far-reaching and invaluable roles, and over the past 35 years she has fought to help those in need, and bring to justice those who violate the law, and public officials who have chosen to abuse the public trust bestowed upon them.This diverse set of experiences and roles has made Carol O’Brien one of the most respected attorneys in the state, a reputation recognized without regard to political affiliations. Carol lives in Delaware with her husband, Bill, and remain close with their 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

She is running for Congress to ensure their future - and the future of the generations that follow - is as bright and full of promise and the grand opportunities this generation can return to them. For too long, congress has failed to adequately ensure this great future by enacting policies that hinder, not help, our families and our communities succeed and prosper. Washington has a problem getting things done. Carol O’Brien has a reputation for getting results.