Carol On The Issues


Government does not create jobs. Bad policies, however, can take them away. Burdensome regulations have taken their toll on our small businesses and industries, stifling job growth in our district, and across the country. It’s time to cut the red-tape created by Washington bureaucrats – elected or not – and enact policies that put central Ohio back on the path to prosperity.


For too long, our government has fallen short on transparency, and accountability. Taxpayer dollars are being wasted on civil settlements, legislation is being crafted behind closed doors, and we have been fighting a healthcare policy that was born without the input of the people whose lives it impacts the most for nearly a decade. We need someone in Congress with experience holding people accountable, and making government more open and transparent to the people it serves.


Carol has fought to keep us safe. As a special prosecutor, Chief Counsel for the Ohio Organized Crime Commission, and as the Delaware County Prosecutor, O’Brien has brought justice to some of the most dangerous criminals in Ohio. From murders to drug and human trafficking rings, to the frontlines in the fight against the opiate crisis, she has served to protect Ohioans. As a mother of an active-duty Iraq war vet, she understands the threats we face here at home, and the necessity to ensure our military is best equipped to fight the war on terror.


We are a nation of laws. While we are welcoming to those who come to our shores to share in the American Dream, we are responsible for upholding the rule of law, and protecting ourselves from those who wish to do us harm. Today, there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes sitting in U.S jails, costing taxpayers billions of dollars. There are tens of thousands more using services without paying their fair share into the system. First, and foremost, we need to enforce the laws already in place – something that has not been happening. Second, we need to ensure law enforcement agencies are prepared and enabled to enforce those laws on those who are here illegally, especially those who have committed crimes.


America has always been at its best when we are building things. Unfortunately, in the global arena, we have been limited in what we can achieve because of poor trade policies that stifle our ability to expand our share of the world marketplace. Many of our current trade deals unfairly subsidize foreign manufacturers, and destroy U.S. jobs. These agreements need to be renegotiated to bring back American jobs, and level the competitive playing field.