O’Brien on U.S., Israel Relations: Strength in Unity

In today’s world, the United States faces significant threats internationally. Because of this, strong allies have
never been more important. Israel is truly our nation’s partner, providing invaluable assistance to America’s
vital national security, – I recognize that the US is safer and more secure because of the mutually dependent and
beneficial relationship between the US and Israel. The ties that hold the United States and Israel go beyond
security. The United States and Israel share fundamental common core values that define our great nations. I
have always had a deep appreciation for the people of Israel and as your Congresswoman, I will continue to
reaffirm our commitment to Israel by doing the following:


  • I will fight to maintain and further the critical financial support that the United States provides Israel.
    This financial support is critical in allowing Israel to continue to defend itself against threats.
    Additionally, this financial support allows Israel to maintain qualitative military edge. I recognize the
    important benefit America receives in our partnership with its most trusted ally including, but not
    limited to, real time intelligence, Israel’s strategic location and the joint development of state- of-the- art
    defense capabilities. The advantages the US gains from these efforts also has a positive multiplier effect
    on applications to other US military and non-military uses and US jobs. As your Congresswoman, I
    would look for ways to strengthen Israel qualitative military edge.


  • I fully support direct, bilateral negotiations between Israel and Palestine to bring a peaceful end to the
    Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    For lasting peace, these negotiations must be handled by these two countries directly, rather than
    facilitated by outside groups. I will support a solution that maintains Israel’s independence, democratic
    process, and the ability to defender itself. Furthermore, I support the decision to start the process of
    moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.


  • Not only does Israel face significant security challenges, but recently there has been a push to
    delegitimize Israel through Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). The United States cannot stand
    for this. As your Congresswoman, I will support legislation holding other countries who participate in
    BDS activities accountable. We must support Israel by ensuring our trade priorities do not allow
    countries to patriciate in BDS activities.


  • With each passing day, it becomes more painfully clear that President Obama’s Iran Deal has made our
    country less secure, and the U.S. taxpayer money President Obama gave to Iran is being used to support
    terrorism and help in the killing of thousands of innocent people in Syria and elsewhere. To paraphrase
    Prime Minister Netanyahu, speaking to the US Congress, the alternative to this very bad deal is a better
    deal. As your Congresswoman I will support efforts to do what is needed to contain Iran’s nuclear
    ambitions and provocative actions.

As Israel grows so does the United States. It is imperative for the United States to continue support for Israel.
As your Congresswoman, I promise you that I will fight to maintain and further strengthen support for our
friend and ally. Now, more than ever, we must stand by Israel and reaffirm our commitment for the rest of the
world to see.